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Friday, January 20, 2012


I just now realized that this post has been sitting in my "ready" folder. My mind seems to shut down near the first of December, after Thanksgiving, I go on break mode.

Here is our weeks spent in Mexico.
So far the kids still think it fun to stand in line and stamp their passports, I wonder how long this will last, after which we watch the powerpoint on landmarks of the country.

We then listened to the Wee Sing CD, again the kids enjoyed listening to the song. We did two with Mexico they liked the song Tingalayo better (west Indies), I think we listened to it 5 times each day!

Along with Mexico we studied the desert ecosystem. Both Prince
and Princessa did their own notebook page that I think turned out awesome! They certainly draw better than me.
Prince's desert
princessa's desert
                    We also studied the Oasis in the desert, and they both did notebooking pages for this.

In art, which is every one's favorite time this year, we did yarn art. This is a type of art taken from the Huichol Indians, which we also learned about. This was a tedious craft for the kids, I had to help Lady Jey who soon got bored with it.
 I chose to do this during nap time there was no way Lady Bells was doing this one (she gets VERY unhappy when things do not come together as she likes them to) but I highly recommend it as a stress relief exercise, it was for me anyway. 

To go along with our week we ate "Mexican" food all week, which is not a surprise for us. We had Apple Panadas, Pozole, Spanish Rice, Dobladas and Taco Casserole, and drank Horchata. We also enjoyed Erica's Hot Taco soup recipe.

Since the menu for the week was nothing new or special we decided to treat the kids and ended our week with a trip on Sunday, after church, with a visit to our favorite Mexican restaurant.
And That is our days at CA.

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