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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Kindness Challenge

We started our kindness challenge, along with Toddler Approved on Monday. We are using a 100's chart, in valentine's colors of course. We will mark the chart with heart stickers for every good deed or act of kindness shown.

 The rules are that the kids have to give a heart candy or Hersey kiss to whom ever shows kindness toward them, then they mark our chart. I done it this way so that the kids are actually realizing acts of kindness people show toward them and in turn they are showing thankfulness in the form of the candy.
The kids are really enjoying it and I have seen some really good deeds being done, things that they would not have done before. Let's just hope they continue this after the challenge is done.
The first challenge was for each child to write thank you notes to five different people. The children have really come through with this also and have really searched their hearts to say thank you to those who deserve it.
We will also start our first character study on Monday. Now is a really good time to start these with the kids, Prince and Princessa are at the age where they have really begun to bicker with each other.
It is not to late to join in, hop on over to Toddler Approved and grab their button, and begin showing kindness.

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