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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Here is another post I forgot to get posted during the holidays, but we were very busy with the holidays and moving, yes moving during Christmas. But I am not complaining I prayed for a bigger place and God answered my prayers on his time ;) We now have a 4 bedroom instead of 3 and that 4th bedroom makes all the difference. Although I hate, HATE packing and moving I enjoyed it this time because we have finally been blessed with our OWN home, no more RENT!

Anyway I realized I have not posted about our Canada week, so here is a short version of what we did.
We started with stamping our passports and watching the powerpoint. We listen to the Wee Sing CD, and just as before the children enjoyed themselves. We made up hand movements to go with the song, it was fun watching the kids try and keep up.
our dance moves
The kids were very impressed with the Edmonton Mall in Canada, so I search for pictures for them to drool over. I guess I know where we are going once we can get our "Dream" vacation.

We also studied the history of Quebec and with Prince we did and short history lesson of our Acadian Heritage, and the reason why "our" people ended up in Louisiana. I also made him read the poem Evangeline and the history behind it. I plan on taking a day trip to St. Martinville, in March when we visit our family still in Louisiana.

That was our trip to Canada, it was very short due to packing and the itch for the upcoming break.

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