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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We spent a week in Brazil, another country we enjoyed!
We stamped our passports and watched the powerpoint. We listened to our wee sing song and the kids enjoyed themselves dancing.

We also studied the rain forest and the Amazon. Prince and Princessa drew their own notebook pages.

Princessa "cloud forest"

Prince "rainforest"

Princessa "Amazon"
 We learned about an Indian tribe who built their homes on stilts in the water, which actually goes along with Venezuela but it is still on the Amazon.

Prince "Amazon"

We also started using Erica's Expedition Earth to supplement the MFW student sheets. We made the animal mini books.
Animals of... books

 The kids are really getting into learning the animals of different countries, that's why the powerpoints have taken that change. Because they have made that interest known I have let them do their own research on any animal of that region and write a small report to read to each other.
We are also putting the lapbooks together that go along with EE and God's animal wall, which is an easy way to teach or review classification.
We have also decided to take just one week on each country, which will allow us more time to fit in more countries.
The children learned the history behind Mardi Gras, or carnival in Brazil. they created their own carnival costumes on paper dolls.

Then we had Brigaderiros, chocolate balls, which you can find in the A Trip Around the World book.
I also had the plan to Watch Rio, but my Netflix did not ship like planned :(
That was our week in Brazil thanks for visiting Brazil with Our Days at CA.

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