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Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Basket Friday

We are finally back in session. The holidays were like a whirlwind and to top it off we have moved. Yes call me crazy, but in the mist of all the action of Christmas we were packing and 5 days, yes you read right, FIVE DAYS before Christmas we closed and were moving our stuff. Now I am not complaining because this was an answer to my prayers to have a bigger place. We now have 4 bedrooms and room for everybody, for now ;)

So with school back on and "arriving" in Brazil on Monday I thought it fit to start back up my book basket posting. Remember these titles or our picks, some recommended by the Hazells and some supplemented by me. Again you may want to preview some of them for your taste. But in any case thanks for reading with us here at Our Days at CA!

Christian Heroes: Then & Now  Nate Saint  * (Prince's Lit reading)
Geronimo Stilton: Four Mice Deep in the Jungle
One Day in the Tropical Rainforest
Amazon Fever
Little Monkey Lost
The Great Kapok Tree
Jabuti the Tortoise: A Trickster tale from the Amazon
I Wonder What A Rainforest Is
Ecosystems in action: Life in a Rainforest
Plants of the Rainforest
MSB: in the Rain Forest *
MTH research: Rain Forests
Animal Worlds: Rainforest Animals
Tropical Rain Forest
Nature Hide & Seek: Jungles
The Rainforest Indians: Footsteps in Time *
Explore the Continents: Explore South America
Brazil Countries of the World *
Brazil American Geographical Society: Around the world program
DK A school like mine: The Americas

* recommended by the Hazells

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