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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tot-school with Lady Bells

Ok so it has finally happened, Lady Bells has REALLY gotten into schooling. Before the holidays she was crying to do school, I knew the time would come, and believe me I am happy! But I had really nothing for her to do. So I got busy over the holidays putting things together especially for her.
I looked through all of our learning toys, all of our school supplies, and the dollar area in Target, gotta love it;0  along with searching my favorite blogs and pinterest and came up with some ideas.

Lady Bells, like her older siblings wanted workboxes, I could not, of course, go out and buy her ones on a whim, so we settled instead for a work basket. In this is the bulk of her "paper" learning, along with other things. We have another box that fits on our cube shelf with "fun" things if she chooses to continue school after her nap.

In her basket she has her notebook, an idea I have to contribute to Carisa along with the printables. I also stuck some of Erica's jellybean printables in there because Lady Jey is also doing the letter J and has jellybeans to eat, anything to forgo an uproar! So you may ask why not just do Erica's printables for both? At 2 years old Lady Bells is more of a fit for Carisa's Tot-school printables.

She has her J for Jellyfish play-dough mat. This is the first time she has ever played with play-dough, I know shame on me, but I am sort of a neat freak! I had to do the first one for her, she was kind of freaked out at the touch of it but she warmed up!

She has lacing beads, which she really took to because of course it looked like a necklace, which she had to wear for the remainder of the day.

She has stickers for her sticker book, which was originally for potty time, but was "recycled" into school time.

Jellybean shape matching puzzle. I really did not think she would be able to do this but she proved me wrong!

There is also an undersea board puzzle and vocabulary cards in her basket. A J pom-pom magnet page, a jellybean color sort, which was real fun because she got to eat them when she was done. And a jellyfish button shape sort page and lots more cute and creative printables to finish during the week.

After her nap she has a box that contains things she can do on her own or with Lady Jey while I work with the older ones. Here are some shots of some of those things.
Tea Party with Sis!
Leap Frog bus

Baby Bear sorting

Stacking cups
unifix cubes

And her favorite an American Girl Magazine

 This is her reaction around 3:00 when we finish school.
She has such a cute pout face!

After a long day in school!
Thanks for joining Lady Bells for a day of Tot-school here at our days at CA~

Tot School


  1. I love teaparties, my 17 month old just got a teaset from her grandma last week and it is so fun playing with this with her!

  2. That is such a cute little pouty face she has when school is over. Boy, my little boy sure doesn't pout when it's over. LoL!

    1. We don't always get so lucky either. When she gets in her little moods we are lucky to do school at all!



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