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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Apple Tot

This week went a little better with Lady Bells, ok so I bribed her with paint but hey do what works right?!  She was also really excited by all the apples around. And on apple tasting day she was the first at the table! She also set with Lady Jey a lot this week just looking in on what she was doing, this really excites me because she learns a lot more by watching then doing. This was how she learned her letters last year, which I had no idea until this year!
Anyway we worked on identifying colors by coloring in her apple coloring book, which I found on Pintrest.


She was really excited about filling in her chart like the big kids for the apple tasting Winking smile.

She did a finger painting of an apple tree, but she was only interested in doing the red apples… and making sure to wipe off her fingers after every apple! (she doesn’t like dirty hands)

She worked on pre-writing skills which I am happy to say she finally realized she had to follow the lines not just connect the pictures! YAY!

I didn’t get her to do all of the worksheets in our Collection but at the end of the week she could identify the letter A and knew its sound and I am happy with that!
If you would like to check out the whole A for Apple collection click on the picture below and as always thanks for visiting us here at Our Days at CA!


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Friday, September 28, 2012

Apples everywhere!

This is my favorite time of the year! The apples, the cool breeze, The beautiful colors, Tis the season of family time! We kicked off the season with A for apple, reading about Johnny Appleseed and an apple tasting. but that is just the start, oh, the things I have planned!
Lady Jey even seemed more spirited while doing her apple activities. Could it be that talks of Christmas have started in the Castillo household Smile!  Don’t deny it, it is all but 12 weeks away!
But back to the time at hand, Here is our week in pictures…


identifying the letter A by placing apple stickers on all of the letter A’s. Lady Bells had to help with this one. She loves watching sissy do her work.

Apple counting… She made apple finger prints to match the number printed in each column.

finger painting… She was suppose to color in the rest of the picture but painting was the only thing that appealed to her that day!

she completed other fun worksheets found on different sites around the web, many of which I found pinned in Pinterest.

We have finished up our study of forces in science with magnets being her favorite. For her journal she wrote about an apple tree and for math we are studying decimal street in MUS.  Next week we will be adding in our Social Studies part of Sonlight, we are excited for the many books we will get to read together.
This was a really fun week working with apples and talking about fall, thanks for reading with us here at CA!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

T for Turtle

School did not go to well this week, she was more interested in playing with her toys then learning about her letter. I do not worry  about this to much because she will have another year to review before starting Kindergarten so I did what she would do then let her go. Here is our week in pictures…
Prewriting: We are still working on this concept, she doesn’t yet understand that she has the trace the lines but we are getting there!

play-dough mat: She just likes playing with it, she doesn’t really make the letters yet.

Shape Sorting: This is her favorite activity, she does this one everyday.

Just playing around!
this is where she was found most of the week doing her own little thing!
To download our T activities click on the picture below.
Visit here for our other Collections!
Thanks for visiting us here at Our Days at CA!

Tot School         

Thursday, September 13, 2012

T with Lady Jey

3 weeks and things are still going strong, in fact I think she is becoming a little bored I may have to move up starting the You can read curriculum sooner then planned. Anyway we reviewed T, learned to write higher numbers, we also learned about forces, she especially like playing with the magnets, and wrote another entry in her creative writing journal.
This time her journal was about a special visitor. It really touched me, and it will the person to, if you are reading this, that she remembered the visit.
She talked about playing frisbee with Uncle Ron and when asked about how she felt she said, “ It made me happy to play with Uncle Ron but sad to because Nanny Donna has not been back!” I think it is time for another visit!
Here are some pictures of our week…

calendar time…


to busy to look Smile

T bubble letters from our CA Collections

a little bit of coloring from our CA Collections

That was our week in kindergarten here at Our Days at CA~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

M for Monkey

My little monkey had fun this week with the letter M. From counting marsh mellows to a little bed jumping, supervised of course! We read 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed and she sang the song for the rest of the week. I gave her the How many game board from our CA Collections and let her act out the story.
Here is a look at our week through pictures…


“feeding” the monkeys marsh mellows (counting)…


Monkey magnets…


Here she is teaching her lalaloopsy how to write M’s…


Here is a shot of her making the M sound and her notebook at the beginning of the week with all her work inside. She went and found Mickey Mouse because like she said, “ Mommy he sounds like M!” …

If you see anything you like here please feel free to download it by clicking the picture below, just remember to use it only for your family and do not host it anywhere and please link back to us if you blog about it.

That is the letter M here at Our Days at CA~

                                                                       Tot School

Monday, September 3, 2012

Kindergarten, Sailing through

I am so glad that I stumbled upon Erica’s LOTW last year and worked through it with Lady Jey, Because this year is sailing through. Ok I know it is only the 3rd week but we have had no real hiccups, she is totally adjusted to school and really doesn’t need the full week with one letter. I may have to do something different here soon but for now it is working to have the time for everyone to adjust to the routine.
I was SO second guessing myself with teaching her to read but now I see she is totally ready for it this year YAY LOTW! Even the science concepts we are working on are sticking with her and she truly seems to be enjoying it!
So here is a little peek at our week (or what I was about to capture)


A little fun with coloring from our Collections.


We did M for Monkey this week and for practice counting to 15 she did How many Monkeys on the bed.


We also did monkey graphing, which is included in the M for Monkey.


We  did our first journal entry, according to Sonlight’s  creative  writing. She dictates the story to me while I write for now. Her story was about a girl who had a robot friend.  This is them jumping on a bed.
We also finished up our Sun, Moon, Starts in science. She enjoyed the moon the best and would watch for the moon every night to tell me what phase it was in. She also at her age understood that the moon had no light of it’s own that it was like a mirror and reflected the sun’s light. She also understood the sun to be a star closest to the earth. I love the way BJU breaks it up simple enough for her to understand but also gives me the opportunity to introduce other facts that I believe she would also understand.
All in all our third week of Kindergarten went by fast but it was great. Thanks for visiting us here at Our Days at CA!


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