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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pointillism: Fall Trees

As I have mentioned before, Fall is my favorite time of year. One reason being the beautiful colors the trees show off during this season. As a tribute to this we painted our own Fall trees using our own pointillism method, (q-tips).


The girls, Prince opted out of this one, had a blast doing this project

and I LOVE the beautiful outcome of each of their paintings.

Lady Bells 39 months

Lady Jey- 5 yrs

Princessa- 9 yrs

This project has really excited them about art which I have scheduled to start in the up coming week, with Van Gogh being our first artist to study.

A little fun here at Our Days at CA!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

R for “Race” car

Cars for girls who would have though?!  I would have never tried this on Princessa, who is all girl, but Lady Bells plays with Prince’s old playschool cars so I thought why not. Things went great! She also enjoyed the new worksheets I created for this collection. Here is our week in pictures…

An activity I completely forgot about… Even though it had nothing to do with cars, I pulled the stickers and sticker books back out both of the girls love adding new stickers to their books and Lady Bells can finally pull them off on her own which made it all the more enjoyable for her. The stickers were of zoo animals in anticipation of our up coming zoo trip.

lacing which she is getting better at every week!

pre-writing… She finally caught on to the idea!

my car what car coloring book… each page has a car and a sentence that reads my car is… with the color word written in color.

writing the letter… still working on this one.

tot-school graphing… has become a fast favorite!

shape sorting…

cutting… getting better!

magnet page with pom-pom magnets.

and just playing around with magnets
if you would like to download any of the pages seen above, click on the picture below. Remember our collections have a little something for everyone from Tot-school through Kindergarten!


and as always thanks for visiting us here at Our Days at CA!

Tot School

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vroom Vroom!

This week we reviewed the letter R using race cars. I was a little apprehensive about using cars for my little princesses but they showed no disapproval, Lady Jey said she liked the cute designs.  I think her favorite activity was throwing the photo blocks or “education cubes” and graphing the pictures.


For her creative writing journal she had to write about something she enjoys making or doing giving step by step directions. She chose to write about helping her daddy plant a flower, dads the one with the green thumb Winking smile .

For science we studied the parts of a plant naming the root, stem, and leaves. We also discussed the parts that we eat. This called for a fun trip to the produce section in Wal-mart.

In Sonlight we are learning about rhymes using Mother Goose, Fables using Aesop, and getting to cuddle reading stories from Uncle Wiggle’s Storybook.

In math (MUS) we are still learning to count to twenty, she has trouble with the teens. And identifying her unit bars and putting then together.

We also worked more on handwriting and writing her name is her favorite!

She also had a lot of different worksheets on her level. She was getting bored with the ones from the pervious collections so with this new one I made a lot of different ones, such as…

sorting Small, Medium, Large

ordinal Numbers…

more difficult patterns, because they are her favorite… and many more kindergarten skill worksheets along with a few favorites such as coloring. If interested look for this collection here.


All in all this week was fun but went by fast! That’s all from Our Days at CA!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Princessa: Science Notebook

Princessa is still studying the human body using AIG curriculum.  We are both enjoying it and it is easy enough for her to understand but not to simple that it bores her. She has learned about the skeletal system and the names of some of the major bones, The brain and the different parts and what they are used for, The muscular system along with the heart, We tracked what she ate while learning about the digestive system, She is now on the five senses, and even though she learned about this in 1st grade, this curriculum took it to the next level by learning about the individual systems.

She studied the eye and the pupil, and is now on the tongue and the different sections.

Through the whole study she has been keeping a science notebook, which is a great way to keep all you have learned in one place.

While learning about the skeletal system she included a tiny human skeleton. While studying the eye she drew the different properties of the pupil. And while learning about the tongue she included a map of the taste sections. 

She also spent alot of time doing the activities on Virtual Body, a web site I found on Pintrest.

When we are finished studying the body she will put together a lapbook that I found on Pintrest as her final “test”.


Thanks for joining us here at Our Days at CA~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And who ordered the Apples?

To compliment our A for apples unit we did an apple tasting activity. This is how I got Prince a couple years back to even taste an apple. Anyway we did it again this year because Lady Jey is older and could be more involved.
Over the weekend I gather a couple of different types of apples that were new to our tasting. Some of these is for an apple desert I am going to cook later in the week.


I prepared a simple graph chart so that could chart the different taste and texture. I then gather the kids around the table

SANY0334 and we were off.
The favorites ended up being…

Prince- Granny Smith

Princessa- Pink lady ( I wonder if the name had anything to do with it!?)

Lady Jey- Fuji

Lady Bells- all of them Winking smile.

The kids really had fun! So of course I did too, I have lots more planned for this season and the upcoming holidays, can’t wait~

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Apple Tot

This week went a little better with Lady Bells, ok so I bribed her with paint but hey do what works right?!  She was also really excited by all the apples around. And on apple tasting day she was the first at the table! She also set with Lady Jey a lot this week just looking in on what she was doing, this really excites me because she learns a lot more by watching then doing. This was how she learned her letters last year, which I had no idea until this year!
Anyway we worked on identifying colors by coloring in her apple coloring book, which I found on Pintrest.


She was really excited about filling in her chart like the big kids for the apple tasting Winking smile.

She did a finger painting of an apple tree, but she was only interested in doing the red apples… and making sure to wipe off her fingers after every apple! (she doesn’t like dirty hands)

She worked on pre-writing skills which I am happy to say she finally realized she had to follow the lines not just connect the pictures! YAY!

I didn’t get her to do all of the worksheets in our Collection but at the end of the week she could identify the letter A and knew its sound and I am happy with that!
If you would like to check out the whole A for Apple collection click on the picture below and as always thanks for visiting us here at Our Days at CA!


                  Tot School


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