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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tot-school with Lady Bells

We accomplished another week of Tot-school! YAY!
We worked on letter Q for Queen, all of our printables came from 1+1+1=1 and those shared with Lady Jey came from LOTW. 
This week did not go as smooth as last week, she totally refused to do school on Monday which kept Lady Jey from also doing anything.
We worked out of her notebook again this week. Last week I just threw everything in her basket, but she didn't get some of the activities done because she was so fascinated by having her OWN notebook. So this week I used a binder clip to clip all of her baggie activities into her notebook. This helped because she did a lot of different activities she overlooked last week. We also worked on fine-motor skills a lot more this week.  She was very clinging this week but here are a few things I got out of her:

She did a little better with her Q play-doh mat.

She enjoys playing with our Lego's so I threw some in her basket, enough to build a tower. If I put more than that she seems to get overwhelmed.

Princessa in background with MUS blocks
It is a little early but I gave her Valentine stickers for her sticker book, I think this has become her favorite activity, she is always excited to see what stickers she has.

All of her older siblings has a desk size dry erase board, so of course she has to have one to.

A letter to Mommy ;)
A couple of fine motor skills, most ideas came from Pinterest!

With Princessa cheering her on!
This one was a little harder but can"t you see the concentration!
This one was her favorite and easiest.
We tried the single hole punch first but she could not figure out how to hold it and punch at the same time.
So we tried the big hole punch, she did a few but it ended up being to hard for her. We will try the little one again later.

We also did some work out of her notebook. She seems to go for the same activities. I will have to try to introduce her to some of the other activities.
Theme shapes: We use buttons to sort. We do not have crescent or diamond shape buttons, this seems to create some problems for her when all of the shapes or sorted.
again we use buttons to sort colors on our theme page. We ran into a problem with this also because the page has black, brown, and gray but the buttons I ordered from Oriental Trading did not. I guess I will be ordering more or finding some other small counters.
She is really big into Mickey Mouse right now, so here she is making "Mickey Mouse" ears.

And when all else fails, and we are having a bad day:

LeapFrog Letter Factory!

Lady Jey and Lady Bells can watch this everyday and never get tired of it. They have learned most of their letter sounds from this video (even Lady Bells!)

That is our week of Tot-school with Lady Bells here at Our Days at CA!

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