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Thursday, December 1, 2011

United States

Since we school year round, we kind of take a little break for the month of December, doing only math, reading, and grammar. I decided to take this time to catch up on my blogging.

As you may know we are doing Explorering Countries and Cultures, with My Father's World.

And our first stop was America: 
The kids enjoyed "arriving" and having to stand in line to stamp their passports. They were then seated in the "travel agency" living room where the TV is connected to the laptop for easy viewing, and we all watched the powerpoint on America that I put together.

We then listened to the Wee Sing CD, and played follow the leader, just as the Navajo children do. The children really enjoyed hearing the little Navajo boy speak in his own language, as did I.
We read and leaned about the Navajo, and enjoyed some of their legends, along with other Native American legends.


We found an awesome book about types of trees and their leaves, and they enjoyed looking up all the leaves in our yard, and the neighborhood. We even went to Nana's in the country to collect lots more.

  We did a color the world colorsheet.

Which happen to be the Great Smokey Mountains, right here in our back yard. This precented a great oppertunity to discuss some of our state geography and history.

  In art we chose to stick with our Navajo subject and created some sand art. FYI, this is not a project for perfectionist, which we learned with Princessa doing it. She was not happy with her final project, even though I gave her the praise she/it deserved. Although, she was not happy with the outcome, I think all the children had fun with the project.

 This is the first year we "do" art, I can't believe what we were missing out on. We will deffiantly be adding more art and I am also considering adding art history with Erica's art curriculum.

We ended our visit to America with a family night, we ate homemade chili and hotdogs, and watched an old favorite, Angels in the outfield.

                                                 And that was America with Our Days at CA!

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