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Thursday, June 23, 2011

15 reasons!

      As some of you may know, this week is our VBS! I have to admit that for many reasons I was not ready for this year, and thought many times to give up my teaching position, but every time I was about to do it I backed out feeling guilty. I knew that not teaching would bother me all SUMMER.
 I have finally accepted that this IS my calling and I need to stop trying to run from it. 
       Anyway when Monday morning came around I was ready as usual and things went smoothly until Tuesday Afternoon when I was getting my things together for the next day, our BIG day, the ABC day. I begin doubting myself, wondering if I am really doing what I should be, wondering if I would say the things that needed to be said, to lead these kids to CHRIST. Well Wednesday came, and after a night full of prayers, it went smoothly. I knew the exact things to say, as I always do. I knew and felt God working through me, like I KNEW he would.
     NOTHING happened!
     I began wondering this morning (Thursday)on my way if maybe this year would be like our last year, I know we are just suppose to be happy to “plant the seed” but these are kids (most of) who you see every year, they grow on you, and you want so much to share your happiness with them, you just want to grab them and say listen it is so easy! JUST DO IT!!! But I know that is not the way it is done, you wait until they are ready to accept, when GOD is working in their life. Anyway with all this on my shoulders I pushed my way forward and arrived on time for another day of VBS. 

       Upon arriving one of the other teachers whose daughter is in my class whispered to me  that her daughter, said she thinks she is ready! So I made mention in class  that even though we have the ABC day behind us, that it does not mean that it is too late, today is better than any other day to accept CHRIST if he is knocking on your hearts door. Later in the day our pastor came in the room to speak to the kids about salvation and accepting CHRIST.
     AND WHAT A BLESSING I WOULD HAVE MISSED! After all the doubts, which I knew were redundant, 7, YES you see right, SEVEN!! in my class alone accepted CHRIST as their SAVIOR!!!!! What joy, and this is not even the icing on the cake, we had 15, yes FIFTEEN, in all, of various ages  TODAY to turn their lives over to CHRIST!!! 
some of the 15!

     WHAT MORE COULD ONE ASK FOR, I prayed: God just give us one, and GOD answered with 15. GOD is SO!!! GOOD! And that is why I am THANKFUL for this Thursday!

                            Some other pictures from the week!

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