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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

B for Bird

     I was not anticipating this collection, it just came to me. As you might know we will be starting Apologia Science for our summer quarter (I gave the kids another week off, to get things ready). I decided to start with Zoo 1, which for those who know is centered around flying creatures. I decided to break it in half, doing the first half, birds and bats, during this summer, and the second half, bugs, during next summer. This will give us a break with the Apologia text, in which we will fill in with MFW science.
     So I decided what better way to include Lady Jey in the studies but with her own bird unit! So here it is...                                 

Remember if you use this collection and have a blog please blog about it and link it up here. As we use it I will blog about it.  Thanks for reading and joining us here at our days at CA

               Coming soon: S for Strawberry "shortcake" Fruits

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