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Thursday, June 16, 2011

P for Princess!

Ok, so if your on this page it means that you are checking out my printables! I am in no way claiming the awesomeness for some of those  creatively blessed moms nor the "seasoned" moms, I simply just know what Lady Jey likes. So using a collection of ideas from COAH, Carisa, and too many more to list, I have come up with a collect that contains Lady Jey's favorite exercises. We are trying, since she will be 5, to do more "school" but I am still trying to make it fun for her. So thinking in these terms, what better way to keep it fun then to use themes she likes, and of course princess had to be first. I know, there are plenty of this theme already created, some from the sites mentioned above, but what better feeling is there to know your child is learning from something you created with him/her in mind, and that is my reward for all the time put into these, "Our collections at CA"
P for princess

(I will blog about this collection as we use it!) If you use it and have a blog, I would like it if you blogged about it and linked back to us here. I hope you and your little princess enjoys these, courtesy of Our days at CA.

                                        COMING SOON.... S for Strawberry Shortcake (fruits)
                                                                         B for Beach

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