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Friday, June 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Ok so I know I am a day late for this post, but I have come to accept that I am NEVER on time for anything!
This thankful post is like the snowball effect but I will post about the most recent layer.
I have to say right now I am very thankful for my kids and their relationship with CHRIST. Both of my older children, Prince and Princesa accepted Christ at an early age and have been in church ever since. They have heard since an early age the importance of striving to be like CHRIST and to share (TELL) others about his awesome love. I know that one is not to doubt another's salvation, and I didn't, I just thought, "How can one so young truly understand everything, how can they grasp the importance of telling others." Then I realize I do not understand EVERYTHING, I learn more and more each day, that is how it is meant to be, we grow as Christians each and every day.
As for TELLING others, my son made me realize that it is truly as easy as ABC (Admit, Believe, Confess). I always use to think teaching Sunday school and VBS classes, just how much the children learn. Well I got my answer on Wednesday: Prince (age 11) came in elated, with tears in his eyes; He had led two of his friends to CHRIST! Simply using the ABC,'s and our all time favorite song "HE was thinking of me". This makes me so very thankful for what CHRIST did for me, what he does for my family, and to know that he truly hears and answers my prayers about my children. Life is filled with temptation, so to know that God is leading and guiding my children, I can never be thankful enough! I will continue to pray the prayer that CHRIST leads my children down the right roads, because I realize as they grow life will be filled with more difficult temptations and they will need CHRIST by their side.
So for today, and everyday, I am truly thankful for my children being able to be part of the "church" leading others to CHRIST through their love of HIM. Isn't it wonderful that HE can use the youngest of "members" to win others over?
So our goal now, is not only to strive to be like CHRIST, but to win others over with HIS guidance, at our days at CA~ 

God's simple plan

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