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Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Summer Plans?

     With our year whining down, June 4th our last day, my mind has been focused on what to do about the summer. I have considered all of our needs and have decided on a plan, IF it holds together. I am always planning but am willing to take life as it happens!
   Last year we tried Time 4 Learning; it was a good program and could possibly be used as a total curriculum depending on your state standards. We however enjoy hands on curriculum. I did like that the program helped to reinforce and gave extra practice for my children over the summer. For this reason, I did a lot of searching for a program like Time 4 learning, one that might possibly be, dare I say it, FREE! especially since it will only be used as summer practice and reinforcement. After many long nights searching, I found IT,
   Head of the Class. This site is very comparable to T4L, but it is FREE! And what better word is there after spending lots of money on our "basic" curriculum. Besides it will only be used for a month, which is all my DC can take of this type of curriculum, before we start our Summer Quarter.
    So my main focus is on our summer "Quarter", which is 8 wks from, June through August. (We start our fall "Quarter" in September). So here is my plan:

       Math: We will be doing MUS, Alpha, because my children still use their fingers to add… so to get a firm foundation on their math skills we have decided along with the wonderful staff at MUS that reviewing Alpha will be the best for us. In the fall, or after Christmas, we will start Gamma, only because my DC have their regrouping down, and are able to skip Beta.

Reading: Prince will read Old Yellow and then complete the comprehension worksheets. Then for a family movie night we will enjoy the movie. He will then read the series, The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogal.

 Princesa will read the Ramona Series.       

Language Arts will be done at Head of the Class.
Science: I am excited to say, this will be our first year using the Apologia, Young explorer series. We will start out with Zoology 1. I have been planning out our quarter and I am excited to get it started. We have yet to find a "fit" for us, in Science. Both Prince and Princesa Love Science so I really believe they will enjoy these texts and notebooks. I am aware that we may not finish in 8wks, so since we LOVE science around here we will probably add this in to our Fall Quarter also, which will put us doing two sciences (NO, I am NOT crazy), don't worry they will intermingle in a way because we will be starting MFW 1st cycle. YES, YES, I know, ECC is about Ecology or habitats, not a focus on the animals, but here at CA we are going to do a spin on the science and focus more on the animal kingdom and where in the world the animal can be found. I got this idea from Erica over at COAH. Once we finish up Zoo 1 we will then start in on Zoo 2 and finish it up the following summer. (Yea, I like to plan for the future!)
    So... Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, and a week of VBS thrown in, I believe that counts as an academic summer ;)  and if not at least our days at CA will not be spent idol and unfocused. I will not have to hear the all too famous, "I am bored! What can I do!?"



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