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Friday, June 17, 2011

Are we starting yet?

      So, my days have been spent planning out our year, I don't want it to be a repeat of the unorganized year we had this year. We had several family emergencies that threw us off course, but we managed to get our 180 days in to make it official.
       So the course of action this summer is plan, plan, PLAN, and laminate and bind an so on and so forth. In the mist of all this action, I had Prince ask very enthusiastic, "Are we starting yet?" Which threw me for a loop, Hey weren't you the kid who was happy to be finished at the beginning of the month? I had to give a very apologetic NO, which was answered with We are bored can't we start back? SOON, I say (too soon for me, I'm not done yet!!) I planned on giving them the whole month of June off, then start back on the 4th of July (we celebrate over the weekend). I am crossing my fingers that they hold off that long. Maybe with VBS next week, they will forget about being bored!
       I know the main reason they want to start back is because of this...

 I am just praying that I get everything done for at least our fist quarter to have a smooth, or as smooth as can hope for , year here at Our Day at CA

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