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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Have you Heard?

    I know many of you probably already follow, but just in case, I wanted to share:

   Michelle, over at musings of me is having a great give away. It is her newest creation, a Circus Teacher pack. It is awesome and includes lots of goodies. The main pack includes, math and literacy centers along with, writing, cooking, and art projects. Included with the give away (separate with purchase) Michelle is giving an art project with a cute little train, and kindergarten and 1st grade sight words unit. If you have not tried these packs they are great and I highly recommend them.

Property of

      Lady Jey loves them. She is not good with change so these packs work out great with her because they stick with one theme throughout the week or 2, depending on how fast you work through them. The packs include work in all the "main" subjects. So we are not jumping from theme to theme throughout the day, which would be impossible with Lady Jey. She also gets excited on Sunday and can not wait until she knows what theme we will be starting on Monday. It often times turns into a guessing game, which I aways give into, so the theme is not just thrown at her on Monday, this gives her the chance to get ready for Mondays.
       Anyway go on over and enter for a chance to win this great give away. Also while there check out Michelle's other free theme packs. We will defiantly be adding this theme to our days at CA.

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