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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Second week of Kindergarten

I have to be honest and say I was dreading the day Lady Jey would enter Kindergarten mainly because it would be the first year of teaching it and I put SO much emphasis on this year. The stereo –typical  have two's of this year scared me! But over the summer I came to the realization that I was putting myself under un-needed stress, that all children are not the same, that we are homeschoolers so why mold myself to the have two's  of public school. So I took a step back and gave myself room to breathe and decided that I would take each day at a time… So what if she doesn’t learn to write every letter, so what if she doesn’t know every sight word, so what if she is not reading by the time school is out, she is Lady Jey not every other kid in kindergarten. She can only do what she can do and I can only teach her the skills she is able to learn. Why rush it and struggle when we can go on our own time and perfect it.
Saying this out loud to myself has done wonders and now I am ready for a fun laid back year of learning what God has set out before us and with HIS hand in it, everything will come at the RIGHT time on HIS time!
Now that that is out of the way, she has been doing good. Her handwriting has taken off since last year, with no real work over the summer. We are using the Reason for Handwriting curriculum and she actually understands what each line is used for after only two weeks, this is a big jump from last year. I made her her own “tree house” to write on, that will change with the season…

For Science we are using BJU science 1. We used this with Princessa in 1st grade but I felt it was more on a kindergarten level so we are going to try it out, and so far it has worked out great. She has learned about her 5 senses and is now learning about the sun, moon and stars which promises to be really fun with some lapbooks thrown in.

She also completed some of the older level pages out of our CA Collection B for Ballerina.
This fall we plan on starting Sonlight with her for history and language arts. I figured starting her with a little at a time would be a gentler approach rather then bombarding her with everything at once. But I am excited to get it started! We will see if she shares my excitement!?
And that is Kindergarten here at Our Days at CA!

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