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Monday, August 20, 2012

And it Begins…

Our first week of school went great. For the days we did school anyway.
Monday we had music lessons and class, this was a first for us also. We were there all day for the 3 different levels on a trail run. At the end of class we decided that Lady Jey and Princessa would stick with these classes.


Tuesday we had math class at the grocery store. Each of the older two was given a budget and a portion of the grocery list and set out to shop, both did well with this.  We then came home and went swimming in the community pool that we now have all to ourselves!
Wednesday dad was off so we had to run some errands with him. Although the older two did some self work we did not get much in the way of teaching done.
Thursday was our first sit down day to enjoy in our new classroom. Prince seemed to enjoy his Creation or Evolution studies. Princessa has started her Human body unit with AIG. Lady Jey was excited to start her science with BJU and Lady Bells is just excited to be back to the school routine.


Friday was our second in classroom day and I have to say I am really enjoying the bigger classroom! I have to thank my husband for letting us take over the living room and allowing us to move the TV to the smaller room.
Today was lady Jey’s first science experiment, she is learning about the 5 senses so we did a tasting experiment. I think she is going to enjoy the hands-on that BJU offers along with the nature study that Sonlight has.  The two younger ones completed the F unit that I made and it is so cute to hear Lady Bells singing the letter song from Leap letter factory. At the end of the day we finished up with the game I created to go along with the F unit, and ALL the kids joined in, it was a fun week!


I didn’t think I was ready for it but now that we have started back I am excited to be “doing” school again!  Thanks for joining us here  at Our Days at CA!

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