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Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally Complete, Maybe?

Up until now I have been debating and praying on what our “new”  school year will entail, and I think this week I have come to a final decision. I have broken up our year for a more manageable calendar but that will come later… and have made my final curriculum choices, I have had these plus others, just not sure on which ones I would keep and continue with and which would get chucked. Some things have already been started while others we will start in the fall, which is when our official new year starts.
Prince: 7th grade
Math- MUS epsilon & Zeta (working to catch up)
Language Arts-  Easy Grammar plus, Abeka English B for composition, Sequential Spelling, Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Queen’s Copy work for Boys.
Science- Apologia General Science
History- Sonlight Core D American history
Geography- States using Road Trip from Confessions of a Homeschooler and other online materials.
Bible- daily reading, Queen’s Armor of God, Queen’s Creation or Evolution( finishing up from summer) then I will be looking for something else for him to do.
ART- Confessions art studies
Spanish- Rosette Stone’s American Latin level 1 Homeschool edition

Princessa- 4th grade
Math- MUS Delta
Language Arts- Easy Grammar 4, Writing Strands 4,  Sequential Spelling, Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Queen’s Copy Work for Girls.
Science- Answers in Genesis’ God’s design for life
History- Sonlight Core D American History
Geography- State Studies using Road Trip from Erica @ Confessions…
Bible- Queen’s God’s Armor then Kay Arthur’s Bible Studies for Kids
Art- Confessions art studies
Spanish- Rosette Stone’s Latin American Spanish Homeschool edition

Lady Jey- kindergarten
Math-  MUS Primer
Sonlight P 4/5 with K readers- this will cover her social studies, science, reading, and some of phonics although I have chosen to continue doing our CA tot-collections. with her
Bible- will be daily Bible stories and crafts to go along with them from loads of material online.
Art- Confessions art studies

Lady Bells- PreK 3
CA tot-collections
Netflix learning shows
small and large motor skills
and other free materials online!

That's it for now, who knows what may change in the future!


  1. I have a 7th-grader, too, and we use MUS and Apologia as well -- neat! Nice to "meet" you! :)

  2. Amber, it is nice to "meet" you also. I am really excited about Apologia, I can't wait to get it started!



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