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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our “big” classroom

We have been doing some remodeling for the sole purpose of having a bigger classroom, but now that I have the space I don’t know what exactly I want to do with it. So since the school year has snuck up on me I have thrown something together in order to get things done this year and to see how the space works for us. So without further ado here it is… Well as much as will fit into the shot.


now I will break each section up for you…
to the left in the above picture is our workboxes (didn’t fit into shot), are our workboxes that we use on a weekly schedule instead of a daily one. On top of our boxes are their caddies that house their crayons, pencils, glue… The cabinet to the left of the boxes holds our extra supplies and bigger art supplies. The white shelves in the middle are suppose to be hung on the wall by now but haven’t really decided where to put them.


Following along the wall we have our piano, our cube shelving from Amazon, we have this one and this one stacked together. Each of these selves hold a different subject materials. The boxes hold small items for Art, Math and Bible. Each child also has their own boxes that holds their library books and fun activities to do in class. On top we have our Geography shelf. The cabinet to the right houses our games. Ignore the boxes on top, they haven’t found a home yet. The table is where the children work again with each a color coded chair. The creates under the table hold the two older children’s notebooks. The caddy in the middle holds color pencils.


The next wall is our shelf that holds all of our fun kindergarten/ preschool items. The other shelf hold our ABC letter books and extra books. The desk in the middle hold our school laptop, radio, lamp, and pencil sharpener. The bottom shelves contain art paper and some more extra materials.


Around the corner on the next wall is my desk and tot school.  We have a bucket of extra fun toys beside her tot shelf. The green basket holds her color books and dry erase board. The little table is where her action takes place, the notebook on top is where I put all her paper work.  The pink basket under the big table is where I put all the letter books for that week.


The shelf in the corner hold all of our Sonlight books for this year’s cores. The table is where I spread out an get things ready for each week and where I help the children in our 1on 1 time. The pink poster on the wall is for our word wall. The white shelf on the side holds all the TMs and student books for this year.


Well that’s our set up for now, still haven’t got our letter tree up nor our calendar but it has worked out well so far this week. Thanks for stopping by for a peek at our school room at our days at  CA!

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  1. I love the table with the colored chairs around it - so cute! I posted after you at the blog hop so stopped by to say "hi!"



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