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Saturday, August 18, 2012


I started working on these last year but have not formally introduced them so I will do so now.

Lady Jey and Lady Bells will both be working this year on a letter of the week type format and even though there are some great materials online for this type of thing, we love you Erica!, they were not challenging enough for Lady Jey anymore. So rather then keep pulling things from here and there I decided to create my own things. I work on them all summer and come up with some things that I hope will challenge Lady Jey, for awhile anyway, while still holding Lady Bells’ attention. I got my ideas form some GREAT ladies and would like to thank Erica, Carisa, and a few others…
As the weeks go along I will post these incase anyone of you would like to use them also. Just remember they are for personal use only.
Since we are using Sonlight this year with Lady Jey the collections will be published in the order that the curriculum introduces the letters. I will also at times add more things to individual collections as she outgrows some things so A may be more advanced than Z but I will try to update all of them as time allows.
As this is going out we are working on letter F and the girls seem to be enjoying it as I hope others will also!
Thanks for joining us here at Our Days at CA!

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