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Friday, February 10, 2012

Pre-School with Lady Jey

I haven't posted on Lady Jey in a while so I thought I would update her posts.
She is still technically in Pre-school even though she turned 5 in December. We are still doing the LOTW curriculum but this has gotten a little easy for her. After Christmas she seems to have excelled at fast speed, it is funny but true!
She loves watching the Leapfrog Letter Factory and it seems that watching it from September through December a couple of times each month she has learned every letter and it's sound! Even after struggling last year. I guess when they get to a certain age they are just ready!?
So now it is I who is struggling! Struggling to find something for her to do. I do not really want to introduce her to kindergarten materials yet, but I also do not want to hold her back!?
So far now I have decided to introduce her to more math materials while still reviewing her letters and sounds. But this is where the problem has come in, I have searched all over the internet and have not found exactly what I am looking for. So it has come to me creating what I want. I want the printables to be bright and cheery so that they catch her attention but this is taking longer then expected. I hope to have a few ready after our spring break, that will give her 4 months to work on these before our next school year officially starts.
But for now here is a typical week of pre-school with Lady Jey:
For our math this week we did:
Counting bears over 10. She knows her numbers from 1-10 so I decided to give her the rest of the numbers in sets of 5. So this week we learned 11-15.
You can see Lady Bells turning flips in the background this is how much I got out of her for school this week. I guess you can call it Movement Confused smile
Simple block patterns, I gave here a small amount of Unifix cubes to create a pattern.
Shapes with tanagrams and picture card.
I then gave her a card but challenged her to make the picture on the table instead of  on the card.
Sorting items, She had a worksheet in her box that involved sorting veggies and fruits into different grocery bags.
She doesn’t like to color much so if we have several coloring pages during the week I let her skip on some coloring.
We also did a couple of math workbook pages from a My Little Pony workbook I picked up in the Dollar aisle in Target! We used our Crayola Dry Erase Activity center for these.
This simple little thing has saved a bit on laminate, card stock, not to mention ink and paper. And I can use a workbook page as many times as I want! You simply slip the page inside and work. I would have to say this turned out to be a GREAT birthday present.
Both little girls worked on Q this week so our printables for tot-school came from 1+1+1=1 and pre-school printables came from LOTW . Sometimes I mix them up.
Here is Lady Jey with her Q color by Number. She really likes these and done two different ones this week.
Here she is with a cut and glue activity, making a quilt.
Here she is coloring her ABC Bible coloring page.
Since Q is for Queen what better time than to learn about the story of Esther. We also watched the Veggie Tales movie.
She still needs practice in writing her letters, so we laminate this page so that she can practice a couple of times each day.
We also work on writing her name each week. She knows how to spell it but forming some of the letters is still a challenge.
At the end of the week she does review letter recognition. We use little plastic ABC’s for this, again I think these came from Target Dollar aisle.
dali alph sorting
She does movement with everyone when we listen to our Geography songs. We always make up some sort of silly dance to go along if there is not already one.
And then of course plenty of  imaginary play with sis!

And that is our week of pre-school here at Our Days at CA!



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  1. Your discription of your daughter sounds like my preschooler too - moving beyond what I was prepared for! Yea for progress though right? We love those leap frog movies too! What a blessed and fun week you had. Found you at Preschool Corner. (Oh, and I'm your newest follower!)



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