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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still in South America!

We are still in South America. Although we are using the MFW_ECC curriculum (who by the way are having a sell right now) I chose to add in more countries from each continent. To do this I purchased Erica’s EE curriculum, and use some of Jolanthe’s Geography printables to round out our studies. So far we have visited Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and our last will be Argentina.  
We took the full week in Brazil, but with the other countries we played it by ear and moved on when we were ready. Brazil and Peru were by far our favorite as you can see in this post.
The children liked learning about the ancient Inca City of Machu Picchu and about the Bowler Hat Indian tribe (as they remembered them). They were surprised by all the items that these Natives made using reeds including the floating islands they lived on.
Their favorite part was learning about all of the animals of SA. I used this opportunity to teach them how to do reports, which went great because they were doing and learning about something they loved! Isn’t Home school GREAT! 
Here is what we did in South America
A growing experiment and speculation sheet. Both cups were treated the same except for the plastic wrap that represented the tropical rain forest.

We did the EE animal books of the different countries.

In Peru, Prince and Princessa drew their version of  Machu Picchu.

They colored the children of San Blas Islands in Panama in their traditional clothing.

In Venezuela we learned about the art of pottery and looked at some of the pieces found in the area. Since I could not find a cheap pottery activity for them to do that would go along with the lesson, they colored a picture of pottery.
There are also some good cheap recipes in the Trip around  the world books for some of these countries.
I think the kids are getting restless in SA so we are off to Europe as you are reading this post.
That is our traveling here at Our Days at CA!

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