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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine Pre-school

I can not believe how fast our new year is going! I wasn’t ready for valentine already, but we got through it. I am still just combining things for Lady Jey, While searching on Pinterest  I found another site for printables, Over The Big Moon, I used some of their valentine printables along with the usual. I am still working on collections for Lady Jey with a more math focus but I have also been working behind the scene on Tot collections for Lady Bells but that is another post. I am hoping to get some of Lady Jey’s done before Spring Break is over. I am excited about these for her, the first one will have a Carnival theme!

Enough chit chat here is our Valentine week:

These are follow the direction sheets that I got from Simple Schooling, The Simple Homeschool classroom has lots of printables from any subject you may be looking for and are always on sell in CurrClick.
We used the sheet to learn Left and Right and handwriting. I also had Lady Jey scramble the Banana Gram letters and respell “hearts” using what she wrote.

I did not believe at the beginning of all this that I would EVER be able to teach her to read (she is my first not to attend PS for K) but she is sounding out more and more words YAY!

Lady Jey did a V play-dough mat. just a printed letter V that is laminated. And look we used a valentine color! Everything was pink, white and a little red thrown in for Prince this week.

This was a find the letter sheet. She chose to use stickers, of course hearts, to cover the V’s .

She counted to 20 using SweetTarts hearts, (we don’t like the original ones Smile with tongue out. )

She did letter puzzles. She has learned all of her letters and their sounds but review is ALWAYS good.

More beginning sounds using our favorite Crayola dry erase activity board.

Lady Jey and Lady Bells LOVE to draw, and I was running out of room on the fridge, and I NEVER like to pick which pictures go and which stay so while loading and testing my laminator I accidently came up with the idea of having a dry erase paper for them to draw on. So they can hang the picture and reuse it whenever they choose. And I have room for my grocery list again Winking smile
I also gave Lady Jey a baggie of conversational hearts and let her copy the sayings on her paper. Now that she can write letters she wants to copy EVERYTHING!

Here she is counting hearts and matching the numbers.

She still enjoys getting stickers for her sticker book so this week I put her book and valentine stickers in one of  her boxes. She was happy, and I love to see her HAPPY!

Had to include this shot. My little ones sharing their “work” They are SO CUTE!!

This exercise has proved confusing for her. The point of the graph was for her to color in each square for the number of SweetTarts found in her bag. But she just colored in all of the squares while I was working with Lady Bells, but we worked it out by placing the left over hearts directly on each square. This worked out better for her so maybe we will do it this way from now on.

We “played” how many chocolates. This is the first time I used a sheet like this only because I could not think of a good way to use them and store them. I finally broke down and realized that we did not have to use Velcro, I just glued an envelope, pink of course, to the back of the sheet which is only laminated on the front, to store the pieces. I just place the number in the box and let her place the correct amount of pieces on the board.
I got into this kick of laminating everything I could so that in the future we would not have to reprint anything for Lady Bells and those who may come after her. But soon learned that Velcro does not stick to the plastic very good, I guess everyone knows that Confused smile. So with some things I have had to be creative so that we can reuse them in the future. That is the reason I bought the Crayola board, and turn everything I can into folder games like the one below:

         Shadow matching:
On this I used Velcro to match the pieces.

A Valentine pattern.

Labeling Sheet.

And for FUN:

That is Our Days at CA!

PS. This week Lady Jey got the news that she won a place in the Knowledge Box Central coloring contest she entered. YAY!
Check out the winners here.


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Our printables came from:  COAHS, HsC and OtBM  


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