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Thursday, September 13, 2012

T with Lady Jey

3 weeks and things are still going strong, in fact I think she is becoming a little bored I may have to move up starting the You can read curriculum sooner then planned. Anyway we reviewed T, learned to write higher numbers, we also learned about forces, she especially like playing with the magnets, and wrote another entry in her creative writing journal.
This time her journal was about a special visitor. It really touched me, and it will the person to, if you are reading this, that she remembered the visit.
She talked about playing frisbee with Uncle Ron and when asked about how she felt she said, “ It made me happy to play with Uncle Ron but sad to because Nanny Donna has not been back!” I think it is time for another visit!
Here are some pictures of our week…

calendar time…


to busy to look Smile

T bubble letters from our CA Collections

a little bit of coloring from our CA Collections

That was our week in kindergarten here at Our Days at CA~

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