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Friday, September 28, 2012

Apples everywhere!

This is my favorite time of the year! The apples, the cool breeze, The beautiful colors, Tis the season of family time! We kicked off the season with A for apple, reading about Johnny Appleseed and an apple tasting. but that is just the start, oh, the things I have planned!
Lady Jey even seemed more spirited while doing her apple activities. Could it be that talks of Christmas have started in the Castillo household Smile!  Don’t deny it, it is all but 12 weeks away!
But back to the time at hand, Here is our week in pictures…


identifying the letter A by placing apple stickers on all of the letter A’s. Lady Bells had to help with this one. She loves watching sissy do her work.

Apple counting… She made apple finger prints to match the number printed in each column.

finger painting… She was suppose to color in the rest of the picture but painting was the only thing that appealed to her that day!

she completed other fun worksheets found on different sites around the web, many of which I found pinned in Pinterest.

We have finished up our study of forces in science with magnets being her favorite. For her journal she wrote about an apple tree and for math we are studying decimal street in MUS.  Next week we will be adding in our Social Studies part of Sonlight, we are excited for the many books we will get to read together.
This was a really fun week working with apples and talking about fall, thanks for reading with us here at CA!

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