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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

M for Monkey

My little monkey had fun this week with the letter M. From counting marsh mellows to a little bed jumping, supervised of course! We read 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed and she sang the song for the rest of the week. I gave her the How many game board from our CA Collections and let her act out the story.
Here is a look at our week through pictures…


“feeding” the monkeys marsh mellows (counting)…


Monkey magnets…


Here she is teaching her lalaloopsy how to write M’s…


Here is a shot of her making the M sound and her notebook at the beginning of the week with all her work inside. She went and found Mickey Mouse because like she said, “ Mommy he sounds like M!” …

If you see anything you like here please feel free to download it by clicking the picture below, just remember to use it only for your family and do not host it anywhere and please link back to us if you blog about it.

That is the letter M here at Our Days at CA~

                                                                       Tot School

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