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Monday, September 3, 2012

Kindergarten, Sailing through

I am so glad that I stumbled upon Erica’s LOTW last year and worked through it with Lady Jey, Because this year is sailing through. Ok I know it is only the 3rd week but we have had no real hiccups, she is totally adjusted to school and really doesn’t need the full week with one letter. I may have to do something different here soon but for now it is working to have the time for everyone to adjust to the routine.
I was SO second guessing myself with teaching her to read but now I see she is totally ready for it this year YAY LOTW! Even the science concepts we are working on are sticking with her and she truly seems to be enjoying it!
So here is a little peek at our week (or what I was about to capture)


A little fun with coloring from our Collections.


We did M for Monkey this week and for practice counting to 15 she did How many Monkeys on the bed.


We also did monkey graphing, which is included in the M for Monkey.


We  did our first journal entry, according to Sonlight’s  creative  writing. She dictates the story to me while I write for now. Her story was about a girl who had a robot friend.  This is them jumping on a bed.
We also finished up our Sun, Moon, Starts in science. She enjoyed the moon the best and would watch for the moon every night to tell me what phase it was in. She also at her age understood that the moon had no light of it’s own that it was like a mirror and reflected the sun’s light. She also understood the sun to be a star closest to the earth. I love the way BJU breaks it up simple enough for her to understand but also gives me the opportunity to introduce other facts that I believe she would also understand.
All in all our third week of Kindergarten went by fast but it was great. Thanks for visiting us here at Our Days at CA!


  1. That's awesome that's she's sailing through! In the graphing picture, it looks like she's saying "Okay, mom, enough pictures already". haha

    1. Daniii you are right she always gives me that look when I say look at mommmy so I can take your picture! It's so cute though so I take them anyway LOL!



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