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Sunday, October 21, 2012

R for “Race” car

Cars for girls who would have though?!  I would have never tried this on Princessa, who is all girl, but Lady Bells plays with Prince’s old playschool cars so I thought why not. Things went great! She also enjoyed the new worksheets I created for this collection. Here is our week in pictures…

An activity I completely forgot about… Even though it had nothing to do with cars, I pulled the stickers and sticker books back out both of the girls love adding new stickers to their books and Lady Bells can finally pull them off on her own which made it all the more enjoyable for her. The stickers were of zoo animals in anticipation of our up coming zoo trip.

lacing which she is getting better at every week!

pre-writing… She finally caught on to the idea!

my car what car coloring book… each page has a car and a sentence that reads my car is… with the color word written in color.

writing the letter… still working on this one.

tot-school graphing… has become a fast favorite!

shape sorting…

cutting… getting better!

magnet page with pom-pom magnets.

and just playing around with magnets
if you would like to download any of the pages seen above, click on the picture below. Remember our collections have a little something for everyone from Tot-school through Kindergarten!


and as always thanks for visiting us here at Our Days at CA!

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