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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vroom Vroom!

This week we reviewed the letter R using race cars. I was a little apprehensive about using cars for my little princesses but they showed no disapproval, Lady Jey said she liked the cute designs.  I think her favorite activity was throwing the photo blocks or “education cubes” and graphing the pictures.


For her creative writing journal she had to write about something she enjoys making or doing giving step by step directions. She chose to write about helping her daddy plant a flower, dads the one with the green thumb Winking smile .

For science we studied the parts of a plant naming the root, stem, and leaves. We also discussed the parts that we eat. This called for a fun trip to the produce section in Wal-mart.

In Sonlight we are learning about rhymes using Mother Goose, Fables using Aesop, and getting to cuddle reading stories from Uncle Wiggle’s Storybook.

In math (MUS) we are still learning to count to twenty, she has trouble with the teens. And identifying her unit bars and putting then together.

We also worked more on handwriting and writing her name is her favorite!

She also had a lot of different worksheets on her level. She was getting bored with the ones from the pervious collections so with this new one I made a lot of different ones, such as…

sorting Small, Medium, Large

ordinal Numbers…

more difficult patterns, because they are her favorite… and many more kindergarten skill worksheets along with a few favorites such as coloring. If interested look for this collection here.


All in all this week was fun but went by fast! That’s all from Our Days at CA!


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