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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And who ordered the Apples?

To compliment our A for apples unit we did an apple tasting activity. This is how I got Prince a couple years back to even taste an apple. Anyway we did it again this year because Lady Jey is older and could be more involved.
Over the weekend I gather a couple of different types of apples that were new to our tasting. Some of these is for an apple desert I am going to cook later in the week.


I prepared a simple graph chart so that could chart the different taste and texture. I then gather the kids around the table

SANY0334 and we were off.
The favorites ended up being…

Prince- Granny Smith

Princessa- Pink lady ( I wonder if the name had anything to do with it!?)

Lady Jey- Fuji

Lady Bells- all of them Winking smile.

The kids really had fun! So of course I did too, I have lots more planned for this season and the upcoming holidays, can’t wait~

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