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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Princessa: Science Notebook

Princessa is still studying the human body using AIG curriculum.  We are both enjoying it and it is easy enough for her to understand but not to simple that it bores her. She has learned about the skeletal system and the names of some of the major bones, The brain and the different parts and what they are used for, The muscular system along with the heart, We tracked what she ate while learning about the digestive system, She is now on the five senses, and even though she learned about this in 1st grade, this curriculum took it to the next level by learning about the individual systems.

She studied the eye and the pupil, and is now on the tongue and the different sections.

Through the whole study she has been keeping a science notebook, which is a great way to keep all you have learned in one place.

While learning about the skeletal system she included a tiny human skeleton. While studying the eye she drew the different properties of the pupil. And while learning about the tongue she included a map of the taste sections. 

She also spent alot of time doing the activities on Virtual Body, a web site I found on Pintrest.

When we are finished studying the body she will put together a lapbook that I found on Pintrest as her final “test”.


Thanks for joining us here at Our Days at CA~

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