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Saturday, October 29, 2011


We are doing pre-school with a boost!,this year.

Lady Jey is 4 and will be 5 after the cut off date, so she has another year before she would be mandated to attend (in the PS system). I will be using this year as a kind of a see what we can do year, if that makes since. I have never taught Kindergarten before, Princessa attended PS, and I am in a "I CAN DO IT! (maybe not) mode". Lady Jey is a very difficult? child, and is very emotional when she can not GET things, so we will have to see where it goes.

We did a little last year, so I am not just throwing her in. She actually did good beside my fear, it just did not interest her long. We used and will use again LOTW. Although some of the themes did not hold her interest, hence the collections I am creating. We will use the alphabet tree every week weather I use Erica's curriculum, or the themes found elsewhere such as Carisa's, Michelle's... or others. I will just have to remember that I can not give into her, and that this is a "real" school year for her. So to keep her interest this year we have found some FUN things to do with her lessons. Here are some of those.

I will post throughout our year on how things are going. I am also trying to get Lady Bells involved, but that is a whole different "post"

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