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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Calendar

There were so many wonderful ideas from great websites about pre-school calendars and activities, we ended up borrowing from different websites. Here is a picture of our calendar and activities.


   Our calendar we got from the dollar tree, and actually comes with 2 calendars. The September title also come from the dollar tree in a pack with the other 11 months, although they will probably never be used because I decided to make my own, good thing they were only a dollar! The apple date cards are from Nest Learning. The foam clock hanging beside the calendar is Princessa's calendar activity and came from the dollar aisle in Target, LOVE those dollar deals.
The black poster board above hangs just under our calendar and holds all of our mourning calendar activities.  This is were we "borrowed" from many of the talented moms who also blog, a BIG thanks to all of you!
   The my name space came from Erica, I am sure, over at COAH sorry I can not find the exact post it came from. This activity is for helping Lady Jey recognize, write and spell her name. The one on the board is on regular paper, and taped to the board. She has an exact copy of this page that is on card stock for durability and laminated for reuse. Every mourning she has to write her name for me, first and last. Once she gets this down I will then cover up her name on the board and make her write her name from memory.
   The memory verse activity is part of Erica's Letter of the week curriculum, and includes one verse for every letter of the alphabet. They are a little hard for her to remember, but we just read it everyday and by Friday she can at least remember half of it.
   The color of the week and shape of the week are for both Lady Jey and Lady Bells. The color cards are from 1+1+1=1, although they do theirs by the day, we do the same one all week. The shape cards are from the website TLS.
   The letter of the week on the purple background goes along with our letter we are learning with both little girls that week. Not sure where I found these, but there are thousands of websites that offer printable alphabet flashcards.
   The what is the season is for lady Jey and Princessa to learn the seasons and when each starts and ends. You can find my season cards under our printables
   The word of the week card is Lady Jey's sight words, we made them with the Monkeys because she LOVES them. You can download them under our printables. After making these for her, Carissa over at 1+1+1=1 posted about her you can read curriculum, we immediately joined the members sight, for a small fee which goes to a GREAT cause. Can't wait to be able to use them!
    The what is the weather like, yesterday, today and tomorrow, along with the weather graph you can see off to the side came from COAH. I made 5 copies of each type of weather cards and hole punched each and put them on key rings and hung them from tacs under each day of the week, not my idea but came from Mama Jenn's site. I also got her idea for the make the date activity and days in school, which are Princessa's activities.
Well that is our calendar activities, thanks for joining us here at our days at CA with our mourning routine.

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