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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Following My Path with Route 66

     Well I have recently (about a month ago) volunteered to teach one of our Sunday night youth classes (grade 2-3). Although I already teach Sunday Mourning 4-6th class, I knew this was going to be a big undertaking, because unlike Sunday morning I had/have to come up with my own lessons. After much prayer and indecision, I found what I would consider a goal mind, Thanks to GOD of course! 
     The curriculum I found was just what I wanted; it combines the books of the Bible with stories from each book. I myself growing up in church was introduced to the fundamental “Bible Stories” which seems many have gotten away from. And from experience, with my husband who learned NONE of those stories, I have come to realize these stories are important! Without these stories I would have learned nothing of the Bible, but thanks to them I know the background of the scripture. I thought this important to teach “my kids” as well as learning where each book of the Bible is. So the GREAT curriculum I found was Route 66.

This book goes through all 66 books of the Bible, teaching along the way the stories from each book.
       With the curriculum the kids make a “scrap-book”  and keep a map for each stop. The activities within the book are not just written assignments but hands on things, such as a Passover supper you share with the children that represents the feast within the Bible.

      We have gotten to Genesis and have learned about the creation, the flood, the covenant with Abraham, and the story of Isaac and Abraham. The kids, (right now all I have are girls) have even asked on off nights if they could do their folders “scrap-books” So I guess if they are asking for it they are enjoying it!
      I know I am enjoying it, not just the book, but the chance to be a part of their lives. It is truly a blessing to know once they accept Christ that you had a small part of that! Or even if they have already taken that step, you as a teacher have a hand in getting them ready to be self confident enough to share their beliefs with others!

     So it was my prayer, through following My path God has set out in front of me, that I found this curriculum, that through its teaching the children will establish the foundation they need to do just as God has commanded us to do in, Matthew 28:19, and TELL!
      I hope also to use this curriculum when finished, with mine own children as I teach them the stories here at home at our days at CA.

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