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Friday, July 8, 2011

Our recipes

     I decided to post these here not necessarily to share but so that I can find them!
     Some are borrowed, some are handed down, and some are tweaked to satisfy our likings. Some are my favorite restaurant recipes from the web, because we can’t afford to eat at them every weekend ;)
     I have some that will not eat without having meat, and some that don’t like anything green!
I have some who would rather not have meat (ME) and all do not eat meat on the bone! 
I have some who eat only one meal a day and some who eat ALL day. 
Some are Cajun recipes that I grew up on, some are Mexican recipes (tweaked) that my husband grew up on, some are “country cooking” because we live in Tennessee, and some or Italian because it is my favorite!
     So by now you may have guessed that our menus have a variety of meals!  I hope someone out there can enjoy them. If any question about a recipe leave a commit! I will try to post all the recipes I use monthly, here at Our Days at CA!

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