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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Games Anyone?

     I have been working diligently on pre-school pacs for my daughter, yes I am aware that there are many already created out there for the taking, but she learns better and I can keep her attention longer when the themes are something she likes. So where I could not find something to her liking I have been creating. She also LOVES to play games so I have created a few learning games to go along with "our pacs". She is loving these so I thought I would share with others.
   These games have taken me longer to get together so I am asking for a little donation to get these. Once you place the donation I will send you a link to download the games. You will have 7 days to do so, so please make sure you download within the 7 days. (check your spam box if you have not received the link within 2 days). I ask for only a little donation, but I also ask that you not share this link with anyone,  And that the materials only be used for your personal use, if by chance you (personally) need more boards then what is provided then you may copy off more for yourself.
Please include in the donation email, which game you would like or if you forget please email me with the game of choice. THANKS
I will not provide a second link, so please save the file to your computer and laminate for durability.
Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of your day here at Our Days at CA!

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