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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A child’s memories

mom!Today too many women think that being a mother is a part time job. That there is somewhere a magic switch that turns this “job” on and off. Or that there is a time clock that you clock in and out of.
Some Women today think that being a mom starts when your children get off the bus or out of school in the summer. Then somehow the responsibility gets turned over to the teacher when summer break ends.
Because of the high teen-age birth rate some women feel that this “job” of being a mother can be turned over to the grandparent. They reason this with the “I am still young I should still be able to party” attitude.
Some women today think that having a child will give them that perfect little family they always dreamed of.
But motherhood is not perfect; it is not a clock in/out job. It does not start in the evening and end in the fall. Being a mother is a 24 hour job, 365 days a week. You do not get a break or a vacation. You may not even get a night of sleep! It is not something you can turn off the switch to go out for a night of drinking! It is something that is a LIFETIME, not an 18 year time.
Motherhood is a responsibility, a blessing from GOD! Being a MOM means giving up your life for that of your child. Putting your wants and needs on the back-burner for that of your child. Being available 24 hours a day for your child.
You may be asking yourself what experience does she have on this subject or what right does she have to post this:
First, I am a Christian that reads her Bible so I know my place as a mother.
I am also a daughter, a grand-daughter, a mom to four, a sister/stepsister to 5, an aunt to 10, a cousin to many, and a friend to more…
I also know that I am truly blessed to have the means to be a one income family, to be able to school my children and be a mom 24 hours a day… In the same sense I know life is not perfect and their or others who wish this but it is not their reality and my heart goes out to those women whose hearts are torn between motherhood and making a living. I sincerely thank GOD for my life!
If anyone gets anything out of this just remember, you only get one chance at this, the time that you lose you don’t get back, it is forever gone! As the old saying goes, they’re only little once and then you blink and they are gone….
So what kind of memories will your child hold?

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