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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Summer Studies

It does not seem like it but it is almost time for Summer.  Around here, there is not much excitement because we have chose to school year round. This will be our second year, but first actually doing things on “my plans” . Last year the children did a summer round of Time 4 Learning.  But I though if we are going to school year round we might as well do SOMETHING.
So I came up with what I call “summer semester” for 9weeks which begins the first of June  and goes through the middle of August. Which will start next year. We do take a break for 2 weeks in June that coincides with our VBS. And also a summer break that happens in August for 2 weeks. This year we were a little off due to planning and getting things ready, so we did not actually start until July 2nd and will continue through August, since we already had a break at the beginning of summer.

We will not actually start our (new) or whole curriculum until the first week of September, which is when we were usually starting school. During this “summer semester” the children will get caught up on things they missed, or did not finish during the year. This will also be the time for extra things we did not have time for during the “regular” year. And “new” things we may want to try.

This is what our summer studies look like as of now:
Prince 6th grade:
Math: MUS Epsilon (this was the subject he had trouble in while still in PS, so we are trying to catch up)
Science: He will do a study on Creation Science using Queen’s Creation or Evolution. This will also equip him with the knowledge to defend his faith!
Geography: We will begin our study of the states,which will last 2 years, using a variety of materials including Road Trip by Erica at Confessions... and some free things we found online.
Grammar: Easy Grammar plus, and since EG does not offer composition we will be adding in Abeka English B to begin working on writing research papers. We will also start into Copy work for Boys
Spelling: Prince was WAY behind in spelling when I pulled him from PS,  We have been struggling through different curriculum for him. I chose to focus the spelling on him since Princessa is good at it. I finally broke down an purchased Sequential Spelling (used just in case) it advertised some things that I thought would fit perfect for him. We will start at the beginning and work through it.
Bible: We have chosen another Queen’s Studies for this.  I want to establish a great foundation for my children and equip them with things they need to defend their faith. I also know that one day they will have to go out into the world, and to stand against the way of the world. The Bible says we must learn how to “put on the whole armor of God” So that is what we will be doing with God’s Armor: Suited for Life.
Art: We will be enjoying Erica’s World's greatest artists 
Music: music appreciation local classes

Princessa 3rd grade:
Math: MUS Delta (love math u see!)
Science: Answers in Genesis God's design for life
Geography: State Studies
Grammar: Easy Grammar 4 and start on Queen’s copy work for little girls.
Spelling: Since I switched Prince’s spelling I decided to switch Princessa’s also. She will work at her own pace through the Sequential Spelling. (the CD is great if you have more then one child using the curriculum, it enables them to work at their own pace with their own “teacher”)
Bible: God’s armor: suited for life.
Art: Erica’s World's greatest artists
Music: piano lessons, music appreciation, and she will also be participating in the musical Camelot in December.

Lady Jey P/K5
Math: MUS Primer
History: We are starting Sonlight this year, My Father's World was not working out like I had hopped, but we are excited. Lady Jey's SL materials will also cover topics in science and nature, along with reading. She will be doing the P 4/5 core with K readers. Since I will have my plate full in the fall I decided to get her SL going before I start the older two into theirs.
Phonics: Although Sonlight incorporates phonics into the curriculum I decided to stick with what we have been doing. As I feel Lady Jey has out grown LOTW I have begun putting together our own collection of worksheets that are more geared toward her although Lady Bells still works with these also. I am hoping by the time Lady Bells starts school we can skip passed the 4/5 core and go straight into the K core.
Art: tag along with the older two.
Bible: I will do a scaled down version of lessons on “putting on” The Armor of God.
Music: piano lessons, & music appreciation.

Lady Bells  Tot School
CA collections & other various tot packs
reading and book packs
Netflix learning shows
and just tagging along!

That is our summer Semester plans, we will keep you posted. Hope you tag along here at our days at CA!

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  1. Looks like a great plan! We heart MUS and SL so we may be biased. lol We'll be trying out Erica's artist study this year too.



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