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Friday, May 11, 2012


It has been awhile since I have posted anything, but things have been so CRAZY around here.

For one I have decided awhile back that MFW was not working for us, although I LOVE their mission, so I have been busy recreating our lesson plans using a collection of things.

Second, not only have we been schooling but I have also been planning things for our upcoming summer studies. I want this summer to be more productive then last year was, I figure if we are going to do school, then we need to do things that we need and want to do.

Last we have been busy with the two additions to our family.
Even though I did not actually give birth, after it was all finished I felt like it. It took our Pug, Roxie 10 hours to give birth to 4 pups to of which we lost. We had to help her from beginning to end, so it was exhausting. She was not in very good health afterwards so we had to do some of the feedings ourselves…
But 3 weeks later…
SANY0852 Amber MoonStoneSANY0854Midnight ShadowBear

Happy and healthy Puginese pups!
That’s our days at CA!

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