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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Strawberry shortcake JINGO

I have finally finished the JINGO game for Strawberry Shortcake. This one has been an on again off again project. I have to say it turned out beautifully and Lady Jey can not wait to play it!


 Again I offer it to you guys for a small donation, but ask that you do not share the link with anyone.
If you have a blog, please post about the game and link back to us here
When you submit the donation be sure to include in the email which game you are wanting, if you donate for one I will include two, so include the free one in your request. You will have 7 days to download from the provided link, check your spam folders if not received within the 2 days. After the link is expired I will not send another link, except for reasons of my own fault. You can also leave a comment here on the blog as to what game you are wanting, after donating.
As always thanks for letting us be a part of your days here at Our Days at CA.

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