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Friday, September 16, 2011

From main room to bedroom

We decided to move the "classroom" from the main room to a bedroom at the last possible minute, but that is me, constantly changing my mind and doing things last minute (been praying about that one!). Doing this has caused us to push back our starting date, but hey I am not on anyone's schedule, don't you love homeshool!? Anyway I have decided to post some before and after pictures to give you guys a peek into our first official classroom.


In this mess, if you can find them, is our school table, bought at a garage sale for 5 dollars! and color coded (we color code EVERYTHING) chairs from Target on clearance last year for three dollars, I LOVE clearance!
After some organizing
This corner is my desk and the tot and pre-schooler's shelves. I tried to do this in one night, always the procrastinator, in the mourning it still looked like this! Well at least everything got labeled!? And look I found my all important thumb drive with my LOTW files I had been missing "miraculously" on the floor the next mourning, oh, how things grow legs around here!
Same corner

                                                                  FINALLY ORGANIZED
Here is our classroom finally clean and organized! Here you see our wonderful table big enough for 4 and me at the head to teach. the closet outside the door is used for our art supplies. The cubes on the left are again color coded and contain the kids fun box things, free read books, and library books. along with our math, science and Bible cubes. SO MANY cubes, and a place for EVERYTHING!
The pink workboxes on the side belong to Lady Jey, I have not set those up completely, hope to be done before the school year is out!
Here is the right side of the classroom and the one which gave me more trouble. Our table finally cleared off and repositioned so all 4 children have room to sit. In the back corner you see Princessa's workboxes and in the opposite corner is Prince's which are blue. My desk is in the front and ready to start my school on Monday (please pray for me to have enough time and energy to do ALL there is to do!) Then beside my desk are two shelves, again yard sale finds!, which house our text books for the year and all the goodies for tot and pre-school.

Here is our calendar activities, which I will go into more detail later. And our calendar is just above this.

Our book-basket for MFW sets on the floor below

See our what's in the basket post weekly

And last but not least, our Chicka chicka Boom Boom tree. To see how we use it check out COAH.

cheapest place found amazon
Well That's our classroom here at our days at CA hope you enjoyed the visit.

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