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Sunday, April 1, 2012

TotSchool: Lady Bells way

The past few weeks have been a struggle with Lady Bells. I don’t know if the “terrible” twos are finally setting in or if her allergies are just keeping her cranky. She refuses to do anything school, at times I can talk her into a activity, but only on her terms. I do not want to force her, because well she still has time before it is a must, school for her is just for fun now, and because she wanted to do it at the beginning of the year.
anyway here are a couple of things I got her to do:
This was something new for her (clips from the dollar tree and colored wooden disc) so she agreed to try it out, But notice her hair is not pulled up, that was her condition Winking smile
She was into singing so she sang her favorite song, Jesus Loves Me, her condition was Sissy had to sing with her doing the signs.
She tried to do a puzzle (she’s done it before) but when the pieces would not fit just right she got mad and gave up!
I gave her, her notebook and went to check on the older kids in the classroom, when I got back in the living room her notebook was thrown in the kitchen and replaced with toys Confused smile. I can’t wait until things are switched around and NO toys are around for temptation!
While working with Lady Jey, this is how she chose to entertain herself, until she fell!

She done a color sorting and Vocabulary activity only if her Pet Shops could “Watch” her and I didn’t “pull” her hair. Notice the flowers in the bottom left hand corner, this will cause the next tantrum?
I could not get her to understand WHY the flowers she picked earlier for me were now wilted.
This was soon forgotten when I gave her a scrap paper to “free write” She loves it when she thinks she is doing work like Prince and Princessa.

Thursday was a little better:
cutting and pasting paint chips, still no luck with the hair.
Lacing beads.
Stacking pegs, I tried to show her patterns but she was having no part of it.
Friday was much better, maybe she knew the weekend was comingWinking smile
She agreed to do a lacer after which she let me fix her hair!?
The FIRST real smile I seen ALL week!
She did a color clip activity, not to happy though!

So I told her to go to her box and pick something she liked, then we would go to the library!
She came back with the marble transfer activity, she ended up doing this at least 4 times, which helped out while I got the others ready to go.
Lady Bells is so picky like that. Some days she gets up all happy and ready to go, others you can hardly talk to her without making her cry. She is also a loner, which is ok I guess until someone tries to get into her space which usually ends with a tantrum and a nap. I try to explain this to lady Jey who often starts the tantrums, but she does not understand because she is a social butterfly and always has been. Lady Bells is was “touchy”that it is hard to gage her feelings. But I guess this is all part of growing into her special little person.
Thanks for joining us for “TotSchool” here at Our Days at CA

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