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Monday, April 2, 2012

What’s Wrong?!

It has been awhile since I have posted on any of the children, especially Lady Bells, but we have been having some attitude from her. She just refuses to do anything school related for the past couple of weeks?! She is too young to have the end of the year itch so I am bewildered. Can she read it from me? I know I have been trying to rush the days, even though we really do not take a break but things just have not gone as planned this year.
First we had the move that made things crazy, then the curriculum we are doing is just not as fun as we expected, not for me anyway because I am scrapping and scrambling to get things together. I am at the point to just say, STOP!
But I am afraid to do that because Prince is getting closer and closer to his important high school years, although I know he will redo all of this within these years I just want him to enjoy these years. (Although I know if I am unhappy with the way the year is going so are the kids).
When we moved, I got the 4th bedroom I wanted, but the room is proving too little for all 5 of us and all the school things and I find myself having to take several breathers. So what is the solution?
After much prayer and talking with my husband, we have come up with a few answers:
1. Even though I LOVE the thought of MFW and their reason behind the curriculum, I have decided it is just NOT for us. There is not enough meat within to satisfy my teaching style. I have realized through a pros and cons chart, which I do often, the cons out way the pros. And the Pros are things I can be involved in without using the curriculum, such as supporting the Bible translations.
2. I have realized that my first choice for curriculum is what God had chosen for my family. I backed away from this curriculum more than once because of the price, but have since realized that this was the source of my unhappiness and feel peace in my heart now that I have accepted God’s will and know that he will provide this curriculum for us, if this is his path for us.
3. I have since, through other blogs that I love realized that there is no one perfect curriculum. There is no standard that we as homeschoolers have to follow, this is the reason that we homeschool so that we are not held under the Public school standard. My heart is at peace with this also, this is a big one since I was always trying to tweak this and that to make it “perfect”. I spent most of my time doing this. Now I can create because it is what I like to do.
4. I myself have realized that homeschooling is the heart of our family, and have helped my husband come to this realization alsoclip_image002. We have this huge living room that is barely used because we don’t watch TV; the children are band from the filth. We hardly invite people into our “sanctuary” and those that are privileged enough to be invited in, know we homeschool and that this IS our life. So do you see what I am getting at? We have decided that the living room would make the “perfect” classroom! The 4th bedroom will become the living room (minus the wall that makes up the hall) which will be the right size for the perfect cozy living room. We will be again a 3 bedroom family but most of our time is spent in the classroom so everything will even out. I am so excited about this change, which will happen the first week we will be out, so maybe this is the reason for the end of the year itch for everyone.
I will keep you posted on the change!

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