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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pre-school: Ending with green

We did not do a whole week with St. Paddy’s Day as we did with previous holidays, I just couldn’t find a pack with all skills on her level. So I ended up with just a few pages from here and there.
So we continued reviewing letters (H) and their sounds, come to think of it, I think Lady Jey may be ready to pull out our You Can Read things, which I forgot about Confused smile. It is funny how just a couple of months can make a difference!? 

Anyway here is our week in pictures:
I bought the younger girls some new learning games, this is one of them. They have different pictures that you insert “buttons” into. She did H for House.

I know this is an activity for small motor skills, but Lady Jey LOVES stickers. If she does all her work, what harm is a little fun thrown in Winking smile  Her book is so full it hardly closes any more!

This sheet is from the collections I am putting together for Lady Bells. She has to find all the letters (H) capital and lower case. I gave her the choice of how to cover them and she chose her pipsqueaks which she LOVES!

This is another activity that works on upper and lowercase letters (H) and handwriting. Lady Jey has some problems with some of the lowercase ones, so I have chosen to review these with her.


Hippo graphing

This is another of the new activities, Magnetic Match Rings, I purchased for the kids. You have to place the magnets on the pole to match what is on the cards. It took her all but a second to figure it out, but she likes it anyway.


Numbers Galore, we really do not use this sheet the way it is meant to be used, but whatever works for your family right?

Writing numbers

Magnet page, this is a favorite for both littler girls.

This is another page from the H for Horse collection I put together for Lady Bells.


Number clips. The clips have the words and the number on them. I want her to  start recognizing the words for her numbers and colors.
Counting in sets. ( that’s Lady Bells Pet Shops who were helping her do her work Winking smile )
This is something new I tried with Lady Jey this week. I really don’t know where exactly I wanted to go with it, but it worked. I gave her a simple sentence to work with this week. I was wanting to know if she could sound out the words. (A cat sat on a mat) I first had to explain what a mat was Winking smile and when I realized I could not say "it is what Kindergartners take naps on" I was really at a loss of words Confused smile. Anyway we worked that out and moved on.
On the first day I wrote the simple sentence on an index card and I read it to her.
Day two I had her read it to me.
Day three she had a word search of the words.
Day four a hunted up all the letters we had a gave her the ones from the sentence and told her to sound out and spell the sentence for me!  She was excited to read her first sentence!

On Friday we Had some St. Patrick’s Day FUN!
This is part of a pack here
Lucky Charms Graphing (YUM)! I think this was their favorite.
Count and Show, This is a part of a pack that I won in a giveaway YAY! Thanks Lacy!
We also learned about the Shamrock and used it to teach the Trinity to all the children for Bible. I got some really neat things from Oriental Trading.
As you can see we had a very good week, we usually don’t get this much done. Lady Bells was another story for another post!

Thanks for visiting our week, here at Our Days at CA!


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