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Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy birthday Princessa!

I can not believe how fast the time has gone! It really feels as though I just brought you home from the hospital. I can still remember being pregnant with you and praying to God that you would be a girl. I remember being told at the ultrasound that they just did not know if you were a girl. I then remember praying harder. 9 years ago today, when they laid you in my arms, I remember crying I had my perfect little girl!
I remember like it was yesterday, dressing you in all your frilly pink clothes. I took pictures EVERYDAY!  I think it is my fault you are addicted to all things girl Winking smile.
Now just as then, you are my perfect little girl. You have grown into a beautiful little girl inside and out. You have become a great role model for your little sisters, in showing then your walk with God. I pray that you continue to do so, and continue to use the talents God gave you to praise him, even when things seem hard.
Anyway, enough of mommy’s mushy stuff; I hope you enjoy your day and make it as special as you are! As I continue to watch you grow day by day just know Mommy will always love you!

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